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Pre-historic Site - Chandravalli

DISTRICT: Chitradurga;
TALUK: Chitradurga
LOCALITY: Chandravalli(Lat.14014' N; Long. 760 20'E)
BUS STATION: Chitradurga

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The Pre-historic site Chandravalli is located at the north-west foot of the Chitradurga hill and its antiquity ranges in date between Pre-historic to Early Historic period. It is situated in a semicircular valley formed by three hills- the Chitradurga, the Kirabanakallu and the Cholachagudda. The extent of the site is 730 m. sq. The site has been subjected to excavations since 1909 revealing a three-culture sequence of Period I- Neolithic, Period II- Megalithic and Period III- Early historic which is subdivided into (a) Satavahana and (b) Kadamba periods. The Neolithic culture is represented by celts, grey and red ware, handmade and wheel thrown, associated with circular houses with post holes. The Megalithic culture is represented by the occurrence of black and red ware of various types, along with iron implements, beads of terracotta, semi-precious stones and small animal figures of terracotta. Disturbed cist burials have also been exposed. The Early historic period layers have yielded potin coins of the Satavahana period, Roman denaru, Russet Coated Painted ware (RCP), polished red ware, Rouletted ware and Roman amphora. An important inscription of Kadamba Mayurasarma has also been found here.